What’s worse– giving another man’s woman a belly rub or sniffing her a**? We hit the streets with two of Tinsletown’s most talented and established canine actors. Join in as they do their best to talk through this dogged topic of debate.

  • Starring: Judy Jo Burgess, Taylor Armstrong, & Shandra Chopin
  • Directed by: Chris Chambers
  • Compositing and SFX by: Nathaniel Beaver & Luis Garcia
  • Sound by: Alan Lebetkin
  • Featuring the Voice talents of: Ryan Karloff, Cameron Ward, & James Warfield
  • Written by: Ryan Karloff & James Warfield. And Quentin Tarantino
  • Special thanks to: Lauren Armstrong, Lois Neville, Brian O’Connell, Ken Peterson, & Cameron Ward.