Sign Spinning, a flashy form of marketing created on the West Coast, is the hottest new trend spreading from street corner to street corner across the country. But who are the people behind the signs? What makes them do what they do? This mockumentary aims to answer those burning questions as it sheds light on the underground world of sign spinning.

  • Starring: Ken Peterson, Ryan Karloff, Bryan Burgess, Lucas Salazar, Jon Kommes, Deborah Giovenco, Jonathan Biver, Rollin Perry, Alex Stransky, Nick Van Hill, Brian Bentz, Papa Joe Aviance, Billy Atchison and William Burgess
  • Written and Directed by: Jon Kommes
  • Director of Photography: David McKeever
  • Edited by: Nathaniel Beaver


  • Todd Thompson
  • Tiny Tim Rodgers
  • Fernando Hernando Mendez
  • Terry Storm
  • Sign Up
  • The Recruits
  • Day at the Office
  • The Gossip
  • Stormy Weather
  • Spin Off
  • The Finals
  • Spinners Trailer
  • Arlan's History